A thorough, yet relevant article where you will add this ‘must-have’ gem to your debugging workflow.

Don’t blame the bugs, they will be there anyway. Use ByeBug and remove them all!

By the end of this article, you will be able to set up, manipulate tests and customize the ByeBug gem in your Rails Project. It is an extensive, however complete tutorial to guide you through this amazing debugging tool.

I love coding, and I love to share what I learn about efficiency at coding, like these refactoring tips I wrote on my Medium account.

I wrote previously. Since I started my very first projects in web development, I had many issues debugging my code and most of the time, understanding what is going on takes more time than actually fixing…

How to refactor your code, and how can it help you?

In this article, I am introducing a tool that fastens the process of breaking your code into pieces, saving them in another file, and finally importing them on your main application. At the end of this article, you will be able to make it all in one single step!

I was coding a simple React App (Adopt Me) to sharpen my React skills this morning and found myself heading to the refactor commit. Such a pain, before I learned about a trick that now saves my time… a lot!

Let’s say, you have your whole set of components in your…

Alexandre Vieira

I am a Brazilian Full Stack Engineer based in Tokyo. I like to create things that amaze and help people.

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